Gezond on Location

Any employee who is comfortable in their own skin will be noticed and represents the company’s ideals. Investing in personal attention is the greatest confirmation you can provide in this regard – a small investment, but one with significant returns.

In essence, Gezond Management op Locatie is a preventive approach that we are able to apply very effectively within your company on site. For this individual form of guidance, you will simply be able to consult the expertise of the Gezond Management team member who will visit your company. The Gezond Management team member will provide individual guidance to your employees on site at your company, in a space you have designated. We can also organise a pilot session to get acquainted.

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Gezond Management and Koers The line between personal and business is often thin and to find and keep a healthy balance is quite a challenge. For over two decennia Gezond Management has been helping me and my staffmembers to find this balance. Our company is in full development and is building with a lot of energy towards the future. This sometimes requires a lot from everyone. Gezond Management helps us ‘to stay grounded’ and deal with this in a healthy manner. By investing in this, staff members experience more resilience and feel better. They often tell me that the experience was very special and feel very different afterwards. One feels good and most staff members keep going back periodically. Look at it as maintenance, because this way we work proactively on preventing non-attendance. With Gezond Management we stay on track!

Since 18 months the Hartekamp Group uses the services of Gezond Management. We started a pilot only meant for staff members with shoulder complaints, but quickly we send staff members with other physical and/or mental complaints to Gezond Management too. The response we get from our staff members is very positive; the complaints are gone or significantly reduced. Gezond Management does what they promise! The professional and adequate approach of Gezond Management leads to a good result. The management team of the Hartekamp Group is extremely happy with the collaboration with Gezond Management.

Medux is the umbrella name for a cluster of enterprises that deliver high-quality care, supportive products and services. The mission of Medux is: ‘care for well- being’. The organisation gives concrete meaning to this by anticipating on theaging population, changing regulations, new technologies, the development of e-commerce and sustainability. Medux likes to lead the way in the changing worldof health care. Every year is an Olympic year to Medux an only the gold medal counts. Together for GOLD, means top sport to our staff members every day. That is why we are happy to be partners with Gezond Management. By broadly inserting their expertise and approach, we can keep our people mentally and physically in top condition.

Gezond Management has been coming to SAP Den Bosch for over ten years for individual guidance trajectories. It once started as a prevention trajectory for the management team members. But in the meantime it has gotten a company-wide character. The approach has an added value for the company and staff members.

Our growing team of AKD personal injury professionals has been gladly working with Marco for many years. He knows how to inspire us by self-reflection. Through our mutual connection we become individually and collectively stronger. It is beautiful to see that every human being seeks conformation; that listening to his/her senses offers a lot more than your old-trusted ratio, which can fool you horribly. Surprising, challenging, concise.