Gezond Management was originally founded in Rotterdam in 1996 as a product of the Troost Institute that was set up by Ted Troost in 1977. Ted became known for providing guidance to elite athletes. He was responsible for introducing haptotherapy to the general public.

Marco van Gorp first met Ted Troost in 1990. From the first moment we shook hands at the top of the stairs at the office on the Mathenesserlaan in Rotterdam, everything was clear straight away. I felt I had finally found what I had been looking for: access to the other person rather than to the rational request for help. Later on, Ted told me that he had had the exact same feeling at that moment, he knew that he had been looking for me, for someone to pass his knowledge and experience onto.

Gezond Management is open to all, regardless of age or background. We are interested in everything to do with people, human behaviour and human relationships. Since 1995, we have also brought our unique focus to the corporate workplace through ‘Gezond Management op Locatie’. Ted and Marco were born and bred in Rotterdam – they appreciate the directness and level-headedness that characterise Rotterdam locals. This is reflected in their approach. Fast-forward to the present and Gezond Management has grown into a sizeable organisation with a large number of employees and multiples branches in the Netherlands.